Hi! I am Mandhir dua.

I learn, experiment and share things which make us better human being.

And becoming better human being can be as simple as getting better in three areas - 

  1. Health - How can we make best use of our body, brain and emotions?
  2. Wealth - How can we adopt systems and strategies that will make us richer?
  3. Wisdom - How can we learn to skilfully navigate through challenges of life?

What My Writing Consists?

  1. Articles - I write articles touching the core themes of Health, Wealth and Wisdom. The topics range from Investment, Mental models to Relationships, Exercise types to Learning strategies
  2. Book Insights - Every week I read a book, take actionable insights from it and share with my subscribers. Think of it as reading a book every week with a take-home message
  3. Experiments - I am a firm believer of practicing our learnings and thus experiment researches / learnings on myself. Here, I share the experiment, experience and results

What I Believe In?

  1. Learning should be simple
  2. Learning should be real
  3. Learning should not be theoretical
  4. Learning should be fun
  5. Learning should be shared
  6. Learning should be continuous
  7. ... (I'll keep adding here)

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